Italian Serie C player diagnosed with coronavirus

An unnamed US Pianese ASD player tested positive for the coronavirus Wednesday. The player was sent home on Sunday after he had symptoms of the virus in his hotel the day before the game.

The player voluntarily put himself in quarantine and was tested positively for the coronavirus Wednesday. According to La Nazione ‘the player is OK, but he tested positively’. The club is also tracking another player, who felt the same symptoms.

There have been a lot of cases of the coronavirus in the Northern parts of Italy this week, with the total amount of infected Italians currently being 400. This is the first time a footballer has been infected with the virus. It’s not the first time the virus had an impact in the football world however. A journalist from Valencia has contacted the virus after the Champions League game against Atalanta and this weekend’s Juventus – Inter Milan will be played in an empty stadium.

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