Manchester City beats Real Madrid at the Bernabeu

Manchester City did great business Wednesday night in the first leg against Real Madrid in the Bernabeu. After going down one-nil in the second half, Guardiola’s side turned things in a period of five minutes.

Both sides failed to create many chances in the first half. The best chance for Real Madrid was in the 31st minute, when Benzema almost brought Real Madrid up 1-0. The French striker headed the ball towards the bottom left corner after a high cross by Mendy, but Ederson denied him the goal. Vinicius had a chance to tap the ball in from the rebound, however the Brazilian slipped infront of the ball. Manchester City had a chance to score right before half time, but Jesus’ shot was cleared off the line.

Contrary to the first half, the second half was more entertaining for the neutral fan. Isco opened the score in the 60th minute. Rodri lost posession on the half-way line after a poor pass by G√ľndogan. Real Madrid responded with a quick counter attack which was finished by Isco.

Manchester City turned things around, however, with a star role for Manchester City midfielder Kevin de Bruyne. The Belgian was surrounded by five Real Madrid players inside the box, but he found a way to reach Gabriel Jesus by chipping the ball over the defenders. The Brazilian forward headed the ball past Courtois, bringing Manchester City level to Real Madrid. Manchester City did not settle for a draw though, and found the back of the net again five minutes later. The referee awarded the Citizens a penalty, after Carvajal brought down Raheem Sterling inside the box. Kevin de Bruyne scored from the spot, bringing Manchester City 2-1 up in Madrid.

Real Madrid did not finish the match with eleven players. Madrid’s captain Ramos took down Gabriel Jesus with his leg from behind, after the Brazilian striker was through on goal just outside the box. The referee sent Ramos to the locker room and awarded him a red card. Real Madrid will have to try to complete their ‘remontada’ at the Etihad March 8th without their captain.

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