NFL Ticket Prices: What has changed in a decade

Ticket prices for NFL franchises have become more and more unaffordable for the regular NFL fan over the past decade. The average ticket price has risen from $76.47 at the start of the previous decade, to $101.99 in the 2019 season: an increase of more than a third. These are the five franchises that increased their average ticket prices the most and the five franchises that increased their tickets the least over the last decade. In this article we compared the 2010 season prices with the 2019 season.

Highest increase in ticket prices:

5. Seattle Seahawks: +$47.99 (+75.2%)
The Seahawks had a relatively low average ticket price in the 2010 season at $63.8: the 6th cheapest. Not much of a suprise, as the Seahawks failed to qualify for the play-offs two times in a row in 2008 and 2009 with a record of respectively 4-12 and 5-11. The Seahawks completed their 8-consecutive winning season in 2019 under coach Pete Carroll. The Seahawks now rank as number ten in the list of most expensive average tickets, at $111.79.

4. Green Bay Packers +$50.32 (+69.5%)
The Packers rank as third most expensive when it comes to the average ticket price at $122.68. This is more than a $50 increase from their average of $72.36 in their Superbowl winning season in 2010.

3. Philadelphia Eagles +$50.59 (+73.3%)
The Philadelphia Eagles ticket prices have skyrocketed after their Superbowl win in 2017. The Eagles were on the cheaper side in 2010 with an average of $69, but they are currently charging $18 more than the NFL average at $119.59.

2. Los Angeles Rams +$52.29 (+79.5%)
It may not come as a suprise that the top two in this list are both the Los Angeles teams. In the 2010 season there were no Los Angeles based franchises and it was no secret that a move to Los Angeles would be lucrative. Ten years later, there are now two NFL teams residing in Los Angeles, including the Rams who moved there from St. Louis. The Rams were only charging $65.8 on average in the 2010 season, as they failed to fill the stadium most of the time. During the first few seasons in Los Angeles the Rams failed to fill the stadium again, with a mere 79% attendance in 2017. But the attendance numbers have been up drastically in 2019 after they played in the 2018 Superbowl. The average ticket prices have jumped up a lot since the Rams moved to Los Angeles, with a total increase of +$52.29 last decade.

1. Los Angeles Chargers +$84.38 (+103.7%)
The Chargers have the highest average ticket prices of any NFL franchise. The price has increased by +$84.38 over the last decade to $165.77 in 2019 (More than double the price!). An important factor that caused these high prices, beside their move to Los Angeles, is the fact that they have been playing in a non-traditional NFL stadium for the last three years, the smallest of any NFL stadium. The Chargers will move into the $5bn SoFi stadium at the start of the 2020 NFL season

Lowest increase in ticket prices:

5. Indianapolis Colts +$8.28 (+9.7%)
The Colts had relatively expensive tickets in 2010, after they played in the Superbowl the season before that and won the Superbowl four years earlier. The Colts have seen a significant drop in their attendance over the lasts few years and have barely increased their ticket prices as a result.

4. Cincinnati Bengals +$5.37 (+7.5%)
The Bengals had the second cheapest average ticket price in the 2019 season at just $77.41. Only the Cleveland Browns have a lower average ticket price. The Bengals have struggled filling their stadium and as a result the ticket prices have barely increased.

3. New York Giants +$3.62 (+3.2%)
Both New York teams make the top 3 in this list. The average ticket price for a Giant game in 2010 was one of the highest in the league with $111.69, as they just moved into the newly built MetLife stadium. The ticket prices remained around the same over the last decade.

2. Dallas Cowboys +$0.70 (+0.1%)
Just like the Giants, the Cowboys had some of the most expensive tickets in the league in the 2010 season because of their move into a new stadium. The average ticket price for a Dallas Cowboys game in the AT&T stadium in 2010 cost $110.27

1. New York Jets -$20.48 (-17.9%)
The New York Jets are the only franchise in the NFL whose ticket prices have decreased since the 2010 season. They moved into the MetLife stadium with the Giants in the 2010 season, charging $114.64 for the average ticket price that season. The Jets lowered their ticket prices in the 2018 season, after missing out on the NFL Playoffs for the 7th consecutive season.

Note: All ticket prices are based on the stats from Statista derived the prices (where possible) from season ticket prices using a weighted system.

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